Sonic LAB: Snow In The Summer - The Virus Ti Snow Reviewed.

A small, big, fat, Total Integration synthesizer      22/08/08

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The Access Virus synthesizer range has always had an unattainable qaulity, something that the elite synthesists use. you read their users lists and feel that somehow you’ll never be able to afford one of these classy European synthesizers. Either that, or you don’t make trance... Neither of those impressions are true of course - especially now as the new Virus Ti Snow brings the latest in Virus technology into a more affordable area - okay, it’s still not what you call cheap, but it is almost $1000 less than a full-blown Virus Ti keyboard and gives you a whole bunch of that DSP powered synth engine. As far as the Trance accusation goes, after my time with the Ti Snow - I was until recently, a Virus virgin y’know, I would say that it is capable of a really wide range of sounds, so you can cross that off the reasons why I cant have one list. Sure, you wont get pianos and other "real" emulations, but after all, this IS a synthesizer and unashamedly so. There’s not much point in me writing a full review here, as I've just spent ages putting together this video review which I hope will cover it. However, please feel free to ask questions in the comments section below - in fact I encourage you to do so, and I'll endeavor to answer the best I can. (please bear in mind that sadly, I will have to give back the Ti Snow at some point in the not too distant future). Specs
DSP powered Virtual Analog Synthesizer.
Four part multi-timbral, Internal Effects, Arpeggiator, USB-Audio Interface, Stereo x analog I/O, 192 kHz / 24-Bit D/A, MIDI I/O, LCD-Display
Polyphony: between 10 to 50 Voices, 512 RAM and 512 ROM Patches, 64 embedded Multi-Patches, TI (Total Integration) Function – can also be operated via MIDI. Pricing
$1550 USD, £779 UK, €1100 Euros
Test Setup
MacBook Pro running OS X 10.4.11, Apple’s Logic Pro 8.0.2, Virus Control 2.7.048, M-Audio Axiom 61 USB controller keyboard. Mackie 1202-VLZ3 with Genelec 1029a active speakers and tolerant neighbors.


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