Vienna Ensemble 3 Released

Mixing and host software for Vienna Instruments      13/05/08

Vienna Ensemble 3 Released

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Vienna Symphonic Library have released Vienna Ensemble 3. They tell us that this mixing and host software incorporates the first all-in-one MIDI and audio LAN solution that works universally on Macs and PCs. Developed exclusively for Vienna Instruments, they say that it makes conducting your orchestra over a network a breeze.
Run your sequencer on your main computer, launch Vienna Ensemble 3 on the slave computer, and simply connect them using an Ethernet cable. With the sequencer on your main computer and Vienna Ensemble 3 with Vienna Instruments plug-ins on your slave computer, you can easily route the audio streams of a whole arsenal of computers back to your main machine and mix where your effect plug-ins are installed. The Vienna Instruments plug-ins preserve your main computer’s CPU capacities – the computing (including GUI rendering) and streaming from hard disk is done on the slave computer.
Vienna Ensemble 3 includes all of the features of its free predecessor Vienna Ensemble 2, e.g., Power Panning. Use this CPU-friendly feature to position your instruments in your personal orchestral templates and make use of the flexible routing system Vienna Ensemble provides for you.
One Vienna Ensemble 3 product comes with 3 licenses, so you can set up a network of up to 4 computers (one host and 3 slaves, provided there's no stand-alone version of Vienna Ensemble 3 running on your main computer).
Installing Vienna Ensemble 3 replaces any installed version of Vienna Ensemble 2 on your computer. All functions of Vienna Ensemble 2 remain available with version 3, including the stand-alone mode to run Vienna Ensemble 3 and your sequencer or notation software on the same computer (DAW). Vienna Ensemble 2 is available as a free download for registered users of any Vienna Instruments Collection.
Downloading the demo of Vienna Ensemble 3 requires at least one registered Vienna Instruments collection. The demo can only be obtained before the purchase of the full version and runs without any functional restrictions for 30 days/30 starts.
  • Custom-made for hosting Vienna Instruments.
  • Stand-alone application, ideal for running Vienna Instruments on external Macs and PCs (interchangeably): 8 ports with 16 MIDI channels each.
  • Plug-in formats RTAS (Mac PPC & Intel), AU (Mac PPC & Intel) and VST (PC and Mac PPC & Intel) for use with a host sequencer: 16 MIDI channels per instance.
  • No audio interfaces, no MIDI interfaces on your additional computers (slaves) – all you need is Ethernet with a Gigabit connection.
  • No third party software to send audio and MIDI data between computers.
  • Launch as many Vienna Ensemble 3 instances on the slave computer as you need (depending on the slave's RAM), each with 16 MIDI tracks to instantiate your Vienna Instruments plug-ins.
  • Route back a maximum of 16 stereo tracks per Vienna Ensemble 3 instance.
  • Instant instrument switching gives immediate access to all instruments within the Vienna Ensemble user interface. A click on the desired instrument channel brings up its user interface instantly, no more redundant screen clutter.
  • Instrument naming – all Vienna Instruments instances inside Vienna Ensemble 3 can be labeled for a complete, at-a-glance overview.
  • Total recall – orchestra setups can be saved with one click.
  • Definable play ranges for multi-instrument set-ups for studio and live use.
  • Inserts for AU (Mac) and VST (PC) effect plug-ins.
  • Panning and Power Panning for precise positioning.
  • Flexible routing with freely assignable busses.
  • Separated server solution that utilizes additional free memory, leaving host sequencer memory or memory used by additional Vienna Instruments plug-ins unaddressed.
  • PC version: Windows XP and Vista (both 32 and 64-bit).
  • Mac version: 32-bit for Mac PPC and Intel, 64-bit version under development.
  • Tested with Cubase, Digital Performer, Logic, Pro Tools, Sibelius, and Sonar.
Pricing and Availability:
€ 95. More information and demo:

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