New Combis For Karma And Triton

Karma-Lab release Chemistry Volume 3 - Groove Injection      31/03/08

New Combis For Karma And Triton

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Karma-Lab has released Chemistry Volume 3 - Groove Injection, a new collection of 64 fully KARMA-fied combis and 128 new GEs, for the Korg Karma Workstation and the Korg Triton Series (when used in conjunction with KARMA Triton software). The set is priced at $50, with discounts for ordering multiple sets at the same time.
The latest volume in their Chemistry series, Chemistry 3 is a collaboration between three people: Paul Osborn, the developer of Chemistry 1 and Chemistry 2, contributed 32 new combis, with 23 of them actually being recreations of some of his work for the Korg OASYS - so now you can have a small piece of the OASYS for your Karma/Triton. Paul also created over 100 new GEs for his 32 combis as well.
The second 32 combis and additional GEs come from Eric J. Sawyer, a veteran KARMA programmer who has recently joined Karma-Lab as a Sound Designer. Paul and Eric have different styles and approaches, yielding a very strong set of combis with some killer grooves for jamming or creating musical pieces, in a diverse variety of styles.
The third collaborator is Stephen Kay, KARMA Developer, acting as Executive Producer and Editor, who spent 4 to 5 hours on each and every one of the 64 combis, working with the effects, the KARMA settings, the scenes, the controller assignments, and the mixes, in order to make them the best they can possibly be.
Stephen told us, "This is probably our strongest set yet, and it will likely be our last set for the Korg Karma and Triton, as we move forward with development of M3 and OASYS collections. We put a lot of love into it, and we hope you enjoy it!"
When ordering Chemistry 3, users who have previously ordered Karma-Lab sound sets will automatically be sent new combined files containing Chemistry 3 and all previous volumes they have ordered, at no extra charge, for ease of loading and operation.
Pricing and Availability:
$50 More information:
More information can be found on Karma-Lab's Chemistry 3 page, including audio demos, combi list, and the complete User's Guide and Installation Guide:


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