WNAMM08: AlphaTrack Works With Logic

AlphaTrack control surface is now compatible with Apple Logic Pro and Logic Express      17/01/08

WNAMM08: AlphaTrack Works With Logic

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Frontier Design Group has announced the immediate availability of a Logic plug-in for AlphaTrack, providing compatibility between Apple's Logic software and AlphaTrack, Frontier's compact moving fader control surface. The plug-in gives Logic and Logic Express users the ability to tweak, edit, and refine tracks using AlphaTrack's intuitive controls. AlphaTrack speeds the process of working with EQ, plug-ins, and instruments by showing the values of the parameters being adjusted directly on the control surface, where its attractive two-line LCD provides immediate feedback. With AlphaTrack and Logic, a user can:
  • Add automation to Logic tracks with AlphaTrack's precise 100mm motorized fader
  • Control pan, EQ, aux sends, and automation modes
  • Easily scroll, shuttle, and jump to markers in a Logic project using AlphaTrack's innovative scroll strip
  • Quickly access all plug-in and software instrument parameters with the touch-sensitive rotary encoders
  • Assign single-button shortcuts to often-used functions for a more efficient workflow
  • Gain instant access to Logic's transport functions via a set of large dedicated buttons
According to Product Specialist Brian George, "Since AlphaTrack's introduction, users have been eagerly anticipating using AlphaTrack's many features with Logic. With the introduction of this new control surface plug-in, we're now able to give Logic users a first-rate experience. The initial feedback has been fantastic!"
Since its introduction in 2007, AlphaTrack has garnered numerous industry awards, including Electronic Musician's 2008 Editors' Choice Award, the 2008 Remix Technology Award, the Computer Music Performance Award, and the iXBT Original Design Award.
AlphaTrack is a compact controller with a high-resolution fader for DAW mixing and editing. It fits easily on the desktop and is also a great companion for laptops. AlphaTrack runs in Windows XP and Vista, and Mac OS X (including Intel Macs). AlphaTrack connects to the computer using a single USB cable, and does not require an external power supply.
AlphaTrack works with over 20 audio programs including all the major Digital Audio Workstations. Besides Logic, support for AlphaTrack has recently been added to Reason, REAPER, and DJ-1800. For more details about AlphaTrack, including an online demo video and the latest information about supported applications, please go to the Frontier Design Group web site (www.frontierdesign.com). Pricing and Availability:
The Logic plug-in for AlphaTrack is available now at the Frontier Design Group web site.
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