Audiocubes at NAMM

Percussa to introduce new Audiocubes software at winter NAMM      18/12/07

Audiocubes at NAMM

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Percussa, a Belgium based electronic musical instruments company, will debut new software for its AudioCubes hardware platform at the upcoming NAMM show at Anaheim in January. AudioCubes are a unique and visually intriguing performance tool that can be used as fully assignable MIDI controllers for music and multimedia as well as a standalone wireless digital/analog lo-fi sound generator and processor. Percussa say that, more than just an alternate controller, the AudioCubes inspire creative new approaches to your productions.
When used as a controller, the AudioCubes translate their physical positioning and proximity (including external surfaces) to Trigger and scalable Continuous Controller information, which can be routed via its MIDI Bridge software to other applications such as as Ableton Live, Reason, softsynths, plug-in FX and physical MIDI devices. Through construct development programs such as Cycling 74’s Max/MSP/Jitter these capabilities can be extended to the control of Lighting, Video, even electromechanical Installations, and open a world of research and education possibilities in which hands-on interaction with technology plays a key role.
Besides presenting an update to the MIDI Bridge application and manuals for AudioCubes, Percussa will demo new sound generator software which lets you use the cubes without acomputer, to be released as a free download for all AudioCubes users after the NAMM show.
New MIDI Bridge features include:
  • Faster, more accurate MIDI triggering and controller streams
  • Up to 4 receiver cubes can be directly connected per computer
  • The software GUI now directly reflects the realtime changes in the Cubes display colors
  • 4 MIDI controllers per cube, one per face
  • Visual display of sensor data lets you fine tune sensor range and monitor current
  • MIDI controller information
  • Visual display of MIDI note triggers + manual triggering with the mouse
  • Improved selection of cube mode: sender/receiver/sensor buttons that display operating state
  • Working range of controllers can be adjusted and scaled using sliders
  • Streamlined selection of MIDI In/Out per cube
  • Every connected cube can now have individual color control through three MIDI In controllers (red/green/blue channels)
  • Windows Vista and Mac OSX Leopard ready
Included content:
  • New collection of sounds by Loopmasters (~400 MB)
  • New, easy to follow getting started manual
  • Updated Ableton Live 6 demo, sound set and template with pre-assigned notes/controllers (compatible with Ableton Live 7)
  • New Propellerheads Reason 3 & 4 set-up examples utilizing the Matrix Pattern Sequencer, Thor, etc.
  • Updated Max/MSP patches and externals for people who want to integrate it into their own work in education, research, performance, interactive art and museum installation, workshops, etc.
Pricing and Availability:
Software available as a free download.
AudioCubes available through your local dealer and from Percussa.
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