WNAMM07: Numark DJ Software Controller

GB DMC2 adds the power of software-based DJing to mixing, with familiar, time-tested hardware      18/01/07

WNAMM07: Numark DJ Software Controller

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Numark have introduced their new DMC2 Rack Mount DJ Software Controller.
The new DMC2 is Numark’s top-of-the-line professional DJ software controller, featuring a ruggedly-constructed metal frame that can be used in a 3U rack-mount setting or as a tabletop unit. With a form factor based on DJ-approved Numark dual scratch-wheel-controlled CD players such as the CDN95 and CDN35, it allows mobile DJs who are comfortable with rack consoles to quickly and easily add the power and versatility of software-based mixing to their arsenal.
Numark say that the DMC2 is the ultimate hardware choice for any DJ who wants to stay ahead of the competition without a huge learning curve. No assignment of software parameters for the DMC2 is necessary – you simply connect the controller to a laptop with a USB cable, enable it in the software’s “config� menu, and watch the virtual controls respond to the DMC2’s actions. The DMC2’s high-speed HID USB 2.0 interface is optimized for the included Numark CUE Lite software, which allows users to mix and scratch audio and video files (including CD+G for karaoke) interchangeably.
Since CUE and other programs take advantage of digital storage and multi-processing muscle while emulating traditional mixing platform interfaces, Numark say that the DMC2 completes the circle, taking control back from inconvenient mouse or touch-pad mixing and that DJs that have used dual consoles for years won’t miss a step as they use the DMC2 to make the jump into the software-DJ age.
Offering forward-thinking USB 2.0 compatibility, Numark believe that the DMC2 is a controller that will grow with DJs as they expand their hardware and software options. And with important features like true instant start, one-button song synchronization, an automix button for quick mixes, a wide range of looping and cueing options, fader buttons that allow automatic crossfading, Key Lock and more, the DMC2 gives you the technical options you need to maximize your mixes.
With a bright, backlit display, DJs can easily see information for the songs they are controlling, with song title, BPM and time displays. All control knobs and buttons are rubberized, illuminated and easy to manipulate.
Numark CEO Jack O’Donnell had this to say, “Numark has always excelled in providing professional DJs with the tools they need to succeed, and the DMC2 is a perfect example of this. It’s important not to lose a step when upgrading to a new DJ technology, and the DMC2 makes this possible by giving DJs the mixing power of the future, but letting them control it with hardware they already know.�
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