Musition 3 Released

US Sibelius announce updated version of the music theory training and testing software      05/01/07

Musition 3 Released

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Sibelius Software have announced the arrival of Musition 3, the new, extensively updated version of the highly acclaimed music theory training and testing software from Australian-based software developers, Rising Software.
They tell us that the new Musition 3 user interface has been completely redesigned making it clearer and brighter, creating an interactive music theory training program that is easy and fun to use. In addition, version 3 offers a host of new features designed to help secondary school students, teachers and people of all ages taking musical instrument exams to learn music theory more quickly. These include:
  • Nine extra topics - including diatonic chords, beaming, rhythmic subdivision and instrument knowledge.
  • Customizable difficultly levels – teachers can create bespoke levels to suit students' abilities.
  • Customizable content – teachers can tailor content for a specific syllabus.
  • Student names import – keeping track of students’ progress becomes easier by importing lists of students names from Excel spreadsheets.
  • Scale editor – enables users to enter their own scales and use them in tests.
Musition provides on-screen exercises and tests at graded levels, so students can progress to more advanced exercises as they improve. When a student has mastered a topic at a particular level and is achieving good test marks, a built-in character called ‘The Professor' automatically moves them up to the next level.
Musition records all students’ results, either on screen or as print outs. Teachers can print student and class results in any of 25 useful reports, and marks are compiled over time so they can monitor students' progress from week to week. If schools use a network, all student results are stored in a single central database, irrespective of which computer they work on.
Jeremy Silver, MD of Sibelius Software told us, “Musition is one of our more popular titles for teachers and students alike, and version 3 looks set to make it even more useful. We are delighted to be able to work with Rising Software on a product that is so highly regarded by those that use it.�
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