SNAMM06: Receptor- The Ideal Electronic Drum Module?

Hardware-based host identified as the ultimate brain for sampled drum sounds      20/07/06

SNAMM06: Receptor- The Ideal Electronic Drum Module?

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Muse Research were showing of their Receptor at the show and made the announcement that the hardware plug-in player is quickly becoming identified as the ultimate sound engine for electronic drummers thanks to its support of several new software drum programs, including BFD and BFD lite from FXpansion, as well as DFH Superior and Custom & Vintage from Toontrack.
Muse say that these advanced sampled drum and percussion software packages provide sounds that far exceed the sonic capabilities of old-fashioned drum modules and that Receptor’s unique hardware-based host design makes it possible to have the advantages of the world of software while retaining the portability and stability of the hardware realm.
Additionally, Muse Research announced that a custom version of Receptor, called Receptor AM is now being marketed and distributed for the electronic drum community, offered by Alternate Mode, makers of the KAT line of percussion controllers.
Here, taken directly drom their press release is exactly what Muse Reasearch say about using Receptor for drums:
Receptor opens up new sonic vistas thanks to ground-breaking drum software
Well respected among professional keyboardists and major touring acts, Receptor has already established itself as the ideal tool for live performance using the vast array of virtual instrument plug-in software that is available. Now with Receptor’s support of the leading drum and percussion software packages, electronic drummers have now discovered that Receptor’s low-latency design, easy-to-use hardware front panel, and astounding sonic performance lets them supplement or replace their current drum sounds with sounds that are better in every way.
Most drum modules have very condensed sound libraries, with many of the popular modules having sounds sets that are just a few dozen megabytes. Drum and percussion libraries such as BFD and Superior from DFH have 100s of GIGABYTES of drum samples, a full order of magnitude more sounds, resulting in vastly superior realism. Additionally, many drum modules have polyphony of 32 or 64 voices, where as Receptor is capable of delivering HUNDREDS of voices, resulting again in greater realism and a more satisfactory experience as a player, producer, or music fan!
Drum software made easy thanks to Receptor
Trying to use this powerful drum software can be challenging for musicians, especially players who are more interested in playing than being a computer geek. Receptor makes using this software as simple as using a drum module, with an easy to use front panel interface that allows you to select various patches. Of course Receptor is also very powerful, so when you connect a mouse and monitor to it, or connect it to your computer, you’ll have all the editing and creative power that this software offers, but only if you want to.
John Emrich, drummer, percussionist, and sound designer of BFD’s Jazz & Funk had this to say, "After years of lugging around multiple MIDI modules in a very heavy rack case, I am very excited about what Receptor lets me do. I can run the best sounding software in a small two-space unit that I find really easy to use. It has revolutionized the way that I approach electronic drumming and opened up a world of limitless creative potential. I can trigger drum sounds from BFD while triggering loops from GURU, while simultaneously playing a melodic part using any sound I can dream up. The sound quality of Receptor is far superior to any other product currently available, and as a professional drummer and clinician, I can always count on my Receptor to perform, no matter what the gig involves!"
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