Give Your Triton Good Karma

Karma Lab generates phrases, grooves and more      17/06/03

Give Your Triton Good Karma
Good, good, good, good Karmations

Karma Lab has released KARMA Triton 1.1, a PC/MAC-based software application that allows Korg Triton owners to generate phrases, grooves and other musical effects that can be altered and randomized in real-time, the very same engine that drives the Korg Karma. Owners of the Korg Triton (Classic, Studio, Rack or Le) are able experience the same algorithmic music generation technology that lies at the heart of the Korg Karma Music Workstation. Developed by professional musician and programmer Stephen Kay, KARMA generates unique musical effects in real-time, allowing creation of “spectacular cascades of complex interweaving notes, techno arpeggios and effects, dynamic drum beats, dense rhythmic and melodic textures, natural sounding glissandos for acoustic instrument programs, guitar strumming and finger-picking simulations, random effects, auto-accompaniment effects, gliding and swooping portamento and pitch bend effects, and new sound design possibilities”. With KARMA Triton 1.1, Korg Triton owners can now…
  • Experience 1190 Generated Effects (GEs), 384 Programs, and 384 Combis from the original Korg Karma Factory Voicing.
  • Create and edit KARMA GEs through an intuitive, graphical interface that provides access to over 400 musical parameters. These parameters are logically grouped into Drum Patterns, Rhythm Patterns, Duration Patterns, Index Patterns, Cluster Patterns, Velocity Patterns, CC Patterns, Envelopes, and more.
  • Play up to 4 GEs (algorithmic effects) simultaneously in a single Performance.
  • Use KARMA Triton’s visual Real-Time Controls or a MIDI controller to control elements like rhythmic complexity, harmony, melodic repeat, phrasing, panning... even your Triton’s own sounds and effects can be manipulated by KARMA.
  • Import simple phrases and drum grooves from the Triton’s internal sequencer or any SMF source (such as an external sequencer) and transform them into KARMA GEs.
  • Import Triton arpeggios and convert them to KARMA GEs. KARMA Triton will automatically assign GE Parameters, Knobs and Switches for instant interactivity allowing you to go far beyond the original arpeggios.
  • Use KARMA Triton’s SysEx features to quickly transfer Programs, Combis, Arpeggios, Drum Kits and other data between your Triton and the software.
  • Utilize intuitive “tooltips” and instant access to the applicable sections of online Help to access comprehensive documentation of the powerful features.
  • Experience KARMA Triton’s advanced, visual display of real-time MIDI data.
  • Add more content to your library through Karma Lab’s fully KARMA-fied sound banks.
  • Share knowledge with an active, global user community at Pricing and Availability
    KARMA Triton 1.1 is available directly through Karma Lab for U.S. $199. KARMA Triton can be downloaded immediately or ordered on CD. For more information, please visit Karma Lab at


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