CreamWare Modular Turns III

New version modular synthesizer for the SCOPE Fusion Platform      16/09/02

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With the Modular III, a new modular synthesizer system for the CreamWare DSP platform is now available. Now in its third generation, the Modular offers over 220 modules, along with more than 100 complete synthesizer patches providing the user with a total of roughly 800 sounds. The newly-developed Modular Remote Control allows even the most complex Modular patches to be operated as easily as a mini-synthesizer. Hans Zimmer, the Academy-Award winning composer (Gladiator, Lion King...), who has been using CreamWare systems for many years, has this to say about the Modular III: "I love the new features and modules of the Modular III. It represents the flexibility and modularity of CreamWare's SCOPE Fusion Platform altogether." In developing the over 70 new modules, many of the wishes of existing users were taken into consideration. Some of the results: a wavetable oscillator with the waveforms of the legendary Prophet VS, a multimode filter embodying 25 different types of filter, the unique sounds of single-sideband modulation, and everything which is needed to build one's own vocoder. Various modules created according to the specifications of Hans Zimmer are also included. Those who are less interested in creating the synthesizer of their dreams and are primarily looking for an assemblage of high-calibre instruments will likewise find that the Modular III has plenty to offer. 25 new, completely pre-wired synthesizer patches make use of the extensive possibilities of the Modular synthesizer. They cover a sonic territory that ranges from FM, over analog, additive and wavetable synthesis, all the way to sample-based synthesis. The new Modular Remote Control makes using Modular patches simple and convenient. Up to sixteen freely-selectable patch parameters can be remote controlled via the clean, uncluttered operating window of the MRC. The user can even design the appearance of the MRC for each patch individually using any desired bitmap-format graphic file. As part of the introduction of the Modular III, CreamWare is holding a contest. Users can submit their own patches to CreamWare up until November 31, 2002. Each of the five best entries will be rewarded with CreamWare software with a value of 200 Euro. The Modular III is available now in the CreamWare Online Shop and from CreamWare dealers. The price is 249 Euro. Owners of the Modular V2 can upgrade to the Modular III for 98 Euro. Operation of the Modular III plug-in requires one of the CreamWare DSP systems Luna, PowerSampler, Pulsar or SCOPE /SP.


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