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  SNAMM08: Roland March to the Beat of a New Drum
  Marching bands go electro... no kidding!

No flash plug

    MP4 4:47 mins

  SNAMM08: Accordian To Roland
  Demo-ing The FR2 Digital Accordian

 | Flash Video 5:4 mins

  SNAMM08: Roland's GW-8
  Hot & Spicy Sounds From Roland

 | Flash Video 3:8 mins

  LIMS08: Check Out the Juno Stage
  Big keyboard, loads of sounds

 | Flash Video 14:6 mins

  LIMS08: Fantom G Wows James Asher
  Synth man takes delivery

 | Flash Video 6:42 mins

  LIMS08: Roland GW8 On Show
  John Maul tells all

 | Flash Video 10:27 mins

  MESSE08:Roland Fantom-G More...
  Artemiy gives us a look under the hood

 | Flash Video 4:56 mins

  WNAMM08: Roland's Latest V-Drums
  The new TD-9 kit in video action

 | Flash Video 9:29 mins

  PLASA07:Roland V-Mixer Rocks The Show
  48 Channels from stage to desk over CAT5??

    MP4  | Flash Video 10:24 mins

  MESSE07: Roland Launch New Sound Module
  SonicCell is a USB-connected 128-voice module for computer musicians

    MP4  | Flash Video 3:11 mins

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