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  Sonic LAB: Review Roland AIRA System-1 Part 1
  Roland's new Plug-Out synth

    MP4 17:2 mins    

  AIRA System-1 Presented At Dancefair - Video
  More information on models, price, availability

    MP4  | Flash Video 6:36 mins

  AIRA TR8 vs TR808 - Battle!
  We compare

    MP4 2:12 mins

  Review: Roland AIRA TB3 - Acid For The 21st Century
  TB-303 for the 21st Century

    MP4  | Flash Video 12:56 mins

  Review: Roland AIRA TR8 - Drum Machine
  Its the new old school beatbox

    MP4  | Flash Video 18:50 mins

  Roland's FA06 Workstation - Sweet
  Sampler, 16 part sequencer and 128 note poly

    MP4  | Flash Video 28:23 mins

   amped    New Roland Cubes: Guitar Practice Amps Tested
  Roland have announced a new range of Cubes, we test them against each other

    MP4  | Flash Video 19:54 mins

  2 Minute Preview: Roland Studio Capture
  16x10 USB audio interface with auto-sense inputs

    MP4 2:0 mins

  WNAMM13: Roland Reveals New Performance Keyboard
  V-Combo VR-09 features piano, organ, and synth engines

    MP4  | Flash Video 8:38 mins

   amped    Review: Roland G-5 Virtual Guitar
  The Stratocaster thats also a Tele and more

    MP4  | Flash Video 14:4 mins

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