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  Sonic LAB Extra: Exploring The Roland System 8 FX
  We take a deeper look at the FX options

    MP4 15:37 mins    

  Sonic LAB: Roland Aira SYSTEM-8 Polysynth
  Top of the range plug-out synth

    MP4  | Flash Video 46:0 mins

  NAMM 2017: Roland Unveils RD-2000 Stage Piano
  Latest in the series features dual sound engines and advanced controller features

 | Flash Video 9:19 mins

  Sonic LAB: Roland System-8 Preview - Questions?
  We'll answer them in the full review

    MP4 4:8 mins

  BPM2016: Roland System 8 More Details
  Splits, layers, dual synth engines, step sequencer, CV/Gate

    MP4  | Flash Video 1:52 mins

  BPM2016: AIRA TR09, TR03 and VP-03 All Together
  David Ahlund gives us the low down

    MP4  | Flash Video 18:23 mins

  Roland DJ808 - We Ask Questions
  Product Manager Nick provides answers

    MP4  | Flash Video 8:27 mins

  BPM2016: Roland System 8 Quick Look
  Look what we found lying around pre-show

    MP4  | Flash Video 11:8 mins

  MESSE 2016: Roland Pro Show V-1HD HDMI Mixer
  Affordable Live Camera Switching

    MP4  | Flash Video 2:29 mins

  NAMM 2016: Roland Juno DS - Demo
  Playable ideas machine has classic Roland PCM sounds

    MP4  | Flash Video 9:19 mins

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