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  WNAMM13: Roland Reveals New Performance Keyboard
  V-Combo VR-09 features piano, organ, and synth engines

    MP4 8:38 mins    

   amped    Review: Roland G-5 Virtual Guitar
  The Stratocaster thats also a Tele and more

    MP4  | Flash Video 14:4 mins

  Product Presentation: Roland Integra-7
  The new pro module stuffed with sounds

    MP4  | Flash Video 23:42 mins

  Product Presentation: Roland Jupiter 50
  Pre release, we get a preview of what it can do

    MP4  | Flash Video 30:58 mins

   amped    MESSE12: Roland Stage Amps Video
  Quick look the new GA-212 amp

    MP4  | Flash Video 3:34 mins

  MESSE12: Roland TD15KV Mid Range Kit
  Supernatural cymbals

    MP4  | Flash Video 6:3 mins

  MESSE12: Roland Jupiter 50 Demo
  And new OS for JP-80 too

    MP4  | Flash Video 11:48 mins

  WNAMM12: Roland R-MIX Application Ready for Primetime
  Advanced centre cancel and frequency extraction

    MP4  | Flash Video 6:31 mins

  Roland Announces R-Mix Music Software
  Tools to visually and intuitively manipulate stereo mix audio easily in real time

    MP4 4:5 mins

  PLASA11: Roland Unveil 6 Channel Portable Recorder
  R-26 - Omni pair, X-Y pair plus analog input

    MP4  | Flash Video 5:54 mins

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