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  WNAMM07: More Videos From the Show
  Line 6 Gear Box, KickAxxe, Arturia Origin Roland VP550 and MV8800

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  WNAMM07: Roland Hip-Hop And R&B Production Studio
  MV-8800 follows on from 2003’s MV-8000

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  WNAMM07: Roland Officially Announce That New V-Synth
  It’s the V-Synth GT Advanced Elastic Audio Synthesizer

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  WNAMM07:More Videos online
  Fender, Roland, Boss, Muse: more lovely movies from the show

  AES06: Roland Digital Snake On the Loose
  40 channels on a single CAT5e cable

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  WNAMM06: Latest Show Videos Online
  Boss, Edirol, Metasonix, Blue Mics, eJamming and more

  WNAMM06: Another 808 From Roland
  It’s the MC-808, a new-generation groovebox with motorized faders

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  Roland MV-8000 OS Version 3.5
  Automation features, 3-band EQ and more

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  Roland SP-404 Portable Sampler Ships
  More features, more pads, more voices, more memory

  Roland Release MV-8000 Workshop Series
  Booklets tell you everything

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