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  WNAMM05: Portable V-synth XT
  Roland provide modelling synthesis To Go

  SNAMM04: A New Juno From Roland
  The JunoD, is radio-ready

  Roland Workstation Tempts Top Remixers
  MV-8000 is a hit with the hitmakers

  MESSE04: Roland and Cakewalk Get Groovy With SP606
  It's a groove sampler and Cakewalk did the software

  Rolands New Fantom-X Ships
  Three models to rule them all

  WNAMM04: New Fantom-X Gets The Gig
  128-Voice Fantom-X Series Expandable to Nearly 1GB of Sounds

  V-Synth Gets New OS
  Version 1.5 adds new waveforms and TB-303 filter type

  SNAMM03: Roland MV-8000 MPC-a-Like On Show
  Looks familiar don't it?

  SNAMM03: RS-70 Shows It's Chops
  Video demo of the features.

  WNAMM03:Roland- VariOS Outboard
  Open system brings Variphrase technology to your Mac/PC

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