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  Sonic LAB: Roland AX Edge Keytar Review
  Strap it on and get busy

    MP4 27:41 mins    

  Presentation: Roland System 500 New Analogue Modules
  510, 505, 555 and 532 available soon

    MP4  | Flash Video 17:13 mins

  Sonic LAB Presentation - Roland TR-8S Rhythm Performer
  We get a look at the new AIRA drum machine

    MP4  | Flash Video 20:1 mins

  Sonic LAB: Roland BoutiqueTR-08 Drum Machine
  Gaz Williams takes a look

    MP4  | Flash Video 20:27 mins

  Sonic LAB: Roland D-05 Boutique
  Classic 80s LA Synthesis

    MP4  | Flash Video 23:48 mins

  Friday Fun - Roland D-05 And Dominion 1
  80s LA Synthesis and Analog power

    MP4  | Flash Video 8:41 mins

  Friday Fun - SH-01A Meets Lyra-8
  Hooked up and jamming

    MP4  | Flash Video 5:4 mins

  Sonic LAB: Roland SH-01A Boutique
  Classic Roland SH-101 in ACB

    MP4  | Flash Video 17:57 mins

  Sonc LAB: Roland SE-02 Analogue Boutique
  3 Osc Mono Synth in Boutique form

    MP4  | Flash Video 29:50 mins

  Sonic Lab Preview: Roland Boutique SE-02
  A quick look and listen to the new Studio Electronics collab

    MP4  | Flash Video 14:52 mins

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