What Does Roger Linn Think Of The MPC Live II?

US Well this could be awkward      18/06/24

Roger Linn, the pioneering force behind the original Akai MPC when he designed it for Akai Japan, has shared his thoughts on the Akai MPC Live II.  

Akai Pro, now a US company (part of InMusic who also now own Moog), have built a considerable amount of their business based on the original MPC concept, which they have developed enormously since the first MPC.

Needless to say the parting of the ways (pre InMusic) wasn't on the best of terms, Linn has mentioned in interviews that he was not pleased with how things turned out, particularly with how Akai handled the technology and products they developed together.

I can imagine the dev team might have been a little nervous before pressing play on this video...

How did they do?

Roger's own company Roger Linn Design is now focused on the Linnstrument - one of the early multi-touch hardware controllers as well as the Adrenalinn - a rhythmic FX unit. 

For more information, visit Akai Pro's website.

And Roger Linn Design https://www.rogerlinndesign.com/

Roger Linn Design Social

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