Brutal Octave Fuzz & Distortion Plug-In

US Doomagorgon ultimate doom fuzz is based the Boss FZ-2 and HM-2 pedals      17/06/24

Audiority says that Doomagorgon is the most brutal octave fuzz and distortion pedal that they have ever made. Here's the details in their own words...

This is our take on one-half of a Boss® FZ-2™ (the Univox™ SuperFuzz channel) and one-half of the HM-2™ to create the ultimate two-headed infernal riff beast.

It can go from deep fat octave-fuzz doom and sledge tones, up to tight modern death metal chainsaws with just the turn of a knob.

We went ever further by adding a transposer, a "FILTH MOD" (doubling down distortion and scoop for the fuzz channgel) and a "RAT MOD" (to switch the chainsaw channel from a smooth overdrive to a RAT-like hard clipping distortion).


  •     Faithfully modeled on original hardware pedals
  •     Octave Fuzz Channel
  •     Chainsaw Channel
  •     Switchable FILTH MOD for the Fuzz channel
  •     Switchable RAT MOD for Chainsaw channel (hard clipping mode)
  •     Independent Tone Shaping per Channel
  •     Transposer
  •     Noise Gate
  •     Level Meters
  •     Pre and Post effect gain
  •     Mix control
  •     Resizable interface

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at €29.00 (Regular price: €49.00)

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