Carl Cox on 30 Years of DJing

US Interview with one of the original superstar DJs      15/06/24

Carl Cox started out as a scaffolder but soon became one of the hottest properties in dance music and rave culture. Known for his high-energy and vibey sets, Carl is one of the original Superstar DJs from the 90s, who also helped to bring Acid House to the clubs and Warehouse raves of the late 80s. Here he is in conversation with Channel 4's Krishnan Guru-Murthy for his Ways to Change The World Podcast.

If that's not enough Carl Cox for you, here's a full on documentary on the guy - with some very complimentary words to start...

There is another Carl Cox documentary here, focused on his residency at Space Ibiza:

Get Carl's autobiography 'Oh Yes, Oh Yes!'

More from Carl Cox

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