Does Youtube Work For Electronic Musicians?

US Kristoffer Lislegaard wants to start a movement      04/06/24

"There is a BIG PROBLEM with AMBIENT and SYNTH YOUTUBE" according to the title of Kristoffer Lislegaard's latest video. He wants to start a movement focusing on how we best can use the internet as a tool to deepen our relationships with artists - with many vacuous tutorials, jams, and sales-focused videos taking centre stage.

"Where are the stories? Where as the Humans?" he asks. 

He continues "It seems like it is getting swallowed up by the algorithm. In a time where AI can make music anyways I think we need to bring the humans behind the music into focus again". It's a valid point, and the advertising on youtube has certainly been ramped up in recent years. 

Here is some of his earlier work

Find his full post on the Sonicstate Discord:

I want to start a discussion on how we best can use the internet as a tool to deepen our relationships with experimental music artists.

I really feel that in the space that I am a part of (the community around different forms of ambient and experimental electronic music) we have a problem with this on the internet right now. In this video I talk a little bit about the problem and how platforms like Youtube are doing a very bad job and in some sense removing the most important part of us: the people and the connection.

Please help me. Let's start some sort of movement. Tell me how you feel and if you have any solutions.

To start of the discussion I made this video that I put on Youtube and made the title and the thumbnail the most Youtube I could stomach.

How do you feel about it? 

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