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US OsTIrus offers bit-accurate software version      03/06/24

Access discontinued the production of their groundbreaking Virus TI synthesizer after 15 years earlier this year - but a free version known as OsTIrus is a great way to play with the synth using your computer. Best of all it's free... ! It comes from the developer Usual Suspects, who also offer 'Vavra', which is a Waldorf microQ emulator. Polyphony for OsTIrus is unlimited, and it can even be ran at 96kHz! 

OsTIrus is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux - with instrument and FX versions in VST, VST3, AU, and CLAP formats.

Their next project is the Waldorf Microwave XT...

Here's a quick demo of some OsTIrus presets:

More details here:


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