Psycho-Acoustic Compressor

US PSP Flow offers volume consistency without the usual audible heavy compression side effects      10/05/24

Psycho-Acoustic Compressor

PSP Audioware describes PSP Flow as a new kind of psycho-acoustic compressor that provides exceptional volume consistency without the usual audible side effects associated with heavy compression. Here's the details in their own words...

Developed with insights from post-production engineer Paolo Pasquariello  PSP Flow uses a psychoacoustic approach inspired by advanced post-production techniques to subtly maintain track level consistency. This ensures that your audio remains naturally dynamic without the perceptible effects of compression. While it was specifically designed for film and TV/video post-production, its unique behavior can deliver excellent results in almost any application, and is excellent at leveling elements in a dense mix.


  •     Single-band unique probability compression algorithm.
  •     Wide compression knee.
  •     Peak or RMS level detector.
  •     Optional automatic release readjustment.
  •     Wide range of threshold and ratio settings.
  •     Preamp section modeling on input.
  •     Lookahead for reduction of transients through the compressor.
  •     Smooth control of the side chain high pass filter and link.
  •     Optional automatic makeup gain.
  •     Dry/Compressed Mix control.
  •     Output brick wall limiter with adjustable ceiling level and release time.
  •     64-bit double precision floating point math for ultra-low cumulative errors in the filters and proper filter characteristics across the entire frequency spectrum.

Pricing and Availability:
$79 until 31st of May 2024 (Regular price: $99)

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