NAMM 2024: Bitwig GmbH - Bitwig Studio Updates

US Bitwig gets a modular sound environment and new filters      26/01/24

Bitwig Studio has unveiled its latest update, Bitwig Studio 5.1, at NAMM 2024. The update focuses on sound design tools and introduces 10 new characters to enhance users' creative processes. Fredrik introduced one of the key highlights: the modular sound design environment, Grid, which now includes three new character filters--Fizz, Rasp, and Ripple. These filters have undergone extensive development and offer a wide range of sonic possibilities. Additionally, Bitwig Studio 5.1 introduces the Byte oscillator, a digital dual oscillator with various sync and XFM options.

The update also includes six new wave shapers and two new audio effects devices: Filter Plus and Sweep. Filter Plus is a simplified version of Grid, providing easy access to filters and wave shapers in an audio effects environment. Sweep, on the other hand, offers more routing and modulation possibilities with its two filter slots and wave shaper. Bitwig Studio 5.1 also brings improvements to audio editing, such as audio quantizing, making it easier to align audio clips to the grid. GUI updates have been implemented, particularly in the mixer mode, allowing tracks to be displayed in a more customizable manner.

Bitwig Studio Essentials Price: 99 USD/Euros

Bitwig Studio Producer Price: 199 USD/Euros

Bitwig Studio Price: 399 USD/Euros




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