Crabs And Synths - Together At Last

US Synthesized Sounds of the Sea      08/12/23

Dive into "Synthesized Sounds of the Sea," an electronic odyssey dedicated to ocean dwellers. Dolphins, eels, jellyfish – each gets a sonic spotlight in this deep dive into marine melodies. Crafted with a mix of vintage and modern analog synths, the album expands on the Animals and Synthesizers web project, transforming Instagram snippets into full-length aquatic tracks. Tomer Baruch, the creative mind behind it all, blends nature archive footage with alien synth vibes, birthing a unique animal kingdom soundtrack. Since 2016 this project has continued to evolve. Whether it's Ecologically Aware Ambient or simply some relaxing mood music for a seafood dinner, we're pleased that finally the hairy frogfish has its own electronic musical theme.

Synthesized Sounds of the Sea

Posted by Chris Black Synth Wrangler, Disgraced Sprinter and one half of booelectric



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