Torso Electronics Unveils S-4 Sculpting Sampler

US Promises a new dimension in sound exploration      16/11/23

Torso Electronics has introduced the S-4 Sculpting Sampler, which they describe as a groundbreaking instrument that redefines the boundaries of sound manipulation and design. They say that, built on the ethos of "Music in the Now," the S-4 offers musicians, producers, and sound designers an unparalleled platform for sonic exploration.

Lars Buchholtz, CEO of Torso Electronics, told us, "Sound is not just an auditory experience; it's a tactile, living entity that evolves in real-time. The S-4 Sculpting Sampler is designed to be an extension of the artist's imagination, offering an infinite canvas to mold, carve, and transform sound in the most intuitive way possible."

Here's the details direct from the company...

Music in the Now
The S-4 is a versatile powerhouse, capable of serving as an effects processor, transformative sound designer, tape machine, live looper, classic sample player, or textural synthesizer. Whether you're crafting intricate soundscapes or capturing live audio, the S-4 is your ultimate tool for sonic exploration.

Cutting-Edge Audio Engine
The S-4 features four parallel stereo tracks, each with a chain of five audio devices tailored for specific sonic applications. From live granular processing to morphing resonators and a range of audio effects, the S-4's audio engine pushes the boundaries of what's possible in sound manipulation.

  • Material: Stereo tape and sample players with live audio and looping capabilities.
  • Granular: Live granular processing with time-warping and pitch-shifting algorithms.
  • Filter: Morphing resonator with a 48-band tuned filter bank.
  • Color: A collection of destructive effects including bit crushing, drive, and compression.
  • Space: Combined reverb and delay with pitch-shifting and shimmer.


Advanced Modulation System
The S-4's unique modulation system allows for intricate control over every parameter. With 4 modulators per track, artists can animate and bring life to any parameter, offering unlimited creative possibilities.
Choose between a range of different modulators from complex LFOs, and generative sequencers to envelopes.

Seamless Workflow and Connectivity
The S-4 is designed with tactile RGB buttons and a high-quality 3.5-inch LCD display, ensuring a seamless workflow. It features USB-C connectivity for easy integration into any setup and can function as an audio interface, simplifying your rig even further.

Technical Specifications

  • Audio Engine: 4 parallel stereo audio tracks
  • Modulation: 4 modulators per track
  • I/O: 2 line inputs, 2 line outputs, Built-in microphone, Stereo headphone output, MIDI
  • in/out, Analog sync in/out, USB-C
  • Hardware: Quad-core 1.5 GHz processor, 4 GB flash memory
  • User Interface: High-resolution LCD color display, 21 tactile RGB buttons, 9 high-quality
  • endless encoders
  • Physical: Matte black aluminum casing, Dimensions: 242 x 156 x 39 mm, Weight: 820g

Pricing and Availability:

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