Synthfest UK 23:Rhodes MK8 Effects Module

US Subtle and or whacky...      09/10/23

At SynthFest UK 2023, Dan Goldman from Rhodes showcased the Mark VIII electric piano with a solid walnut case and a sparkle gold top black front panel. 

Dan emphasized the meticulous attention to detail that goes into creating these pianos at their factory in Leeds. He also introduced the effects module for the Mark VIII, which underwent extensive development to ensure low noise levels and a pristine signal path. Dan demonstrated the module's capabilities, including a chorus sound that can be controlled via an expression pedal, showcasing the hands-on approach to shaping the instrument's sound. The module features analog effects, such as stereo bucket brigade chorus, VCA four-stage phaser, bucket brigade delay, and VCA compressor, offering a wide range of sonic possibilities, from classic to experimental.

For more details about the Rhodes Mark VIII and its effects module, you can visit the official Rhodes website here.

Dan also shared insights into the instrument's development process, explaining how they incorporated the best elements from generations of  Rhodes eras to create a versatile and authentic electric piano experience. 

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