Colossus: A Once In A Generation Synthesizer

US Alex Ball on the mighty machine      14/07/23

Alex Ball is back with another squelch-filled look at a gargantuan synthesizer. This time its the Analogue Solutions Colossus, an almost room-sized synth with a phenomenal amount of features - performed to near perfection by Alex. In other big synth news, if you missed his video on the giant MS-20; that's also worth a watch:

Here's an explanation of the Colossus in his words... 

A look at the outrageous and jaw-dropping Colossus from Analogue Solutions. A "colossus" thank you to Tom at Analogue Solutions for the very generous loan of this remarkable instrument.

Thank also to Simon and Eli for their help with the video. For my music, stems of my music, sample packs, Q&As and to help keep this channel going, please consider my Patreon:

0:00 Intro Jam 1:07 Colossus 2:11 Demo 1: Fireflies 3:47 Synthi 100 4:28 Whistle Stop Tour Pt 1 7:34 Demo 2: Heft Side Brain 8:52 Whistle Stop Tour Pt 2 10:07 Demo 3: Peggio 11:31 The Colossus in the room 12:37 Demo 4: Helix


More from Alex Ball here:


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