Sonic LAB: Mayer MD900 - Monster Four Part VA Review By MATTHS

US Four part multi-timbral, drums, clip launching and more      26/05/23

We first saw the impressive Mayer MD900 at Superbooth a couple of years back, it seemed inconceivable that it was created by such a small team and yet aimed high in terms of features.

It's now out in the world and ready to ship, although yes, it's a chunk of change at £2,958.00, and as they are a small outfit, stock is limited.

But if you do get your hands on one, you'll be able to enjoy an extended Virtual Analogue synth with 16 voices,  four parts each with VA modeled oscillators, wavetable, sample playback, drum sequencing and more. 

Everything is modeled in DSP and does a pretty good job of it, according to MATTHS, who is taking a look at it for us.


  • Stereo Voices - Two aliasing-free oscillators. Wavetable- or Algorithm-oscillator modes, running in four instances with de-tuning capabilities and spread in stereo channels. The output feeds into the mixer section and then into the stereo multi-mode filters and amps
  • Multimode Filters: A and B, with   multi-mode resonant analog filter types
  • Modulation Matrix: 24 slots with  38 modulation destinations and 24 modulation sources
  • Drum Instruments: 14 different instruments, each with adjustable settings that are storable in a drum kit. They can be triggered via midi or the built-in drum grid.
  • Noise Sample Oscillator: A sample-based oscillator that can play ambient or noisy samples, with the output continuously mixable between Filter A/B to give an independent envelope
  • Effect Section: Independently for each part and can be stacked ordered
  • Arpeggiator & Step Sequencer: up to 64 steps, with the ability to change the arpeggiator's melody in real time by pressing other keys. It can also function as a step sequencer, allowing for shifts in semitones or octaves
  • Clip Launcher:  For the creation of alternate sequences, arpeggios, or drum patterns for each instrument



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