Superbooth 2023: SonicWare Texturlab Sounds Only

US The new sample based machine      18/05/23

No talking just a quick sound demo of the new Sonicware Textruelab. 

The Sonicware Texturelab is a sound design instrument. It offers a range of sonic capabilities,  to create unique textures, ambient soundscapes, and complex musical compositions.

One of the standout features of the Texturelab is its multi-engine design. It combines multiple synthesis methods, including granular synthesis, wavetable synthesis, FM synthesis, and more. This diverse set of sound engines enables users to explore a vast array of sonic possibilities and create intricate, layered sounds.

The instrument also includes a built-in sequencer and arpeggiator, providing intuitive ways to program and manipulate patterns and melodies. It offers a comprehensive set of controls, including knobs, buttons, and a touch-sensitive XY pad, allowing for expressive and hands-on sound manipulation.

.For more information about the Sonicware Texturelab and its features, visit the official Sonicware website: Sonicware Texturelab

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