UA Announces Electra 88 Keyboard Studio

US Capitol Mastering Compressor also released      17/05/23

Universal Audio has introduced Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio and Capitol Mastering Compressor. Here's the details in their own words...

Available natively, meaning they can be used with or without an apollo audio interface, ua's newest uad plug-in titles bring exclusive emulations of a 1974 rhodes electric piano and the one of a kind mastering hardware used at capitol studios.

These are exciting times for our uad customers, says bill putnam jr. , ceo of universal audio. Adding a classic electric piano studio and a rare mastering compressor to our growing list of native uad plug-ins means creatives everywhere can be inspired by these incredible sounds.

Electra 88 vintage keyboard studio and capitol mastering compressor are available for perpetual purchase on the ua website, or for $19.99/month ($149.99/year) with a uad spark subscription.

Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio

Electra 88 vintage keyboard studio gives musicians and producers the authentic sound of a 1974 rhodes eighty eight suitcase mark 1 electric piano, along with a fully stocked studio of vintage production tools.

From expertly placed vintage mics and a classic high-powered american 2x12 tube combo amp, to genuine 1176 compression, studio-grade reverbs, modulation, eq, and more, ua's first-ever electric piano emulation packs studio grade sound to fit any genre.

Key features:

  • perfectly modeled 1974 Rhodes eighty eight suitcase mark 1 electric piano
  • includes a curated analog studio packed with vintage mics, tube amps, and more
  • classic rack effects and stompbox emulations for creating with pro sound in any genre
  • over 100 album-ready presets for instant inspiration
  • use with any audio interface, no ua hardware required


Capitol Mastering Compressor

Capitol mastering compressor brings the rich sound of the cm5511, an in-house hand-built tube mastering compressor designed by capitol studios.

Used on modern recordings from black sabbath to demi lovato and selena gomez, this unattainable mastering unit is now available as a uad plug-in for the first time ever  giving users the same untouchable sonics used on historical catalogs from capitol, blue note, motown, verve, and more.

Key features:

  • the only authentic emulation of capitol studios hand-built mastering compressor
  • the same sound used on catalogs from capitol, blue note, motown, verve, and more
  • saturator, mix, and headroom controls add color and texture to recordings
  • mono fold and mid/side features for tightening low end and expanding stereo width
  • use with any audio interface, no ua hardware required

Pricing and Availability:
Electra 88 Vintage Keyboard Studio: $149 Intro Pricing until May 1st 2023 / $299 MSRP
Capitol Mastering Compressor: $174 Intro Pricing until May 1st 2023 / $349 MSRP

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