Behringer Mini Synths Update

US CZ-1 Mini based on the Casio CZ-1 phase distortion synth could be on its way      05/05/23

Behringer Mini Synths Update

Behringer tells us that their PRO VS Mini is now ready for production. They say that it has taken a bit more time than they had planned for, but they couldn't help adding many more exciting features that potential users had requested during the development process. A spokesperson told us, "This is a monster synth in a tiny little package."

On their Facebook page the company has also posted a picture of the CZ-1 Mini which is modeled after the Casio CZ-1. This is not necessarily going into production - it seems that Behringer is soliciting opinion on it - "This was a highly revolutionary synth as it used unique Phase Distortion synthesis. Would you be interested in a CZ-1 Mini? We believe we could make it for US$99."

Would you be interested in a CZ-1 Mini for $99?

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