NAMM 2023: Audient - EVO 16 - EVO SP8

US New mic preamp and 24 in - 24 out interface      16/04/23

Andrew from Audient introduced the new high-end utility-focused audio interfaces, the Evo 16 and Evo SP8. The EVO 16 is a 24-in, 24-out audio interface with a digitally-controlled analog mic preamp onboard. The interface features Smart Gain, an algorithm that analyzes the peaks of signals coming in and sets the gain appropriately in under 20 seconds, and Motion UI, which provides real-time visual feedback to avoid the need to navigate through menus. The interface allows users to sequentially pair channels together, meaning one and two, three and four, etc. Phantom power is also available on every channel, and there are eight line outputs and two sets of digital inputs and outputs. The EVO 16 is available for $449 and has been incredibly popular due to its workflow and audio performance.

The EVO SP8 is a standalone mic preamp that is perfect for users with a large collection of sims. The mic preamp features eight channels with true phantom power and a range of features such as sequential pairing and independent phantom power for each channel. The EVO SP8 is compatible with the EVO 16 and can be used to expand the unit up to 24 channels. 

EVO 16 Price: 499 USD

EVO SP8 Price: 399 USD

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