Sounds Of Ancient Greece

US Soundiron releases the Ancient Greek Compendium sound library for Kontakt      23/02/23

Soundiron says that Ancient Greek Compendium is a grand trio of products (Ancient Greek Strings, Winds, and Percussion) that explore the oldest roots of Western musical traditions, stretching back thousands of years. They tell us that each instrument was handcrafted using period-accurate methods, building materials, and tools by the Athens-based historical research group LyrAvlos, led by Panagiotis Stefos.

Strings include a Barbiton, Cithara, Lyre, Goat Horn Lyre, Pandura, Phorminx and Trigonon. Winds include single and double-reeded aulos flutes from bass to alto, as well as conch shell horns, brass salpinx horn, pan flute and plagiaulos. Percussion features a Crotalum, Kymbalon, Sistrum, 15-inch Tympanon, 22-inch Tympanon, and Tympanon Zill.

A spokesperson told us, "These samples have a rich and colorful tone you won't find anywhere else."

The library is built for the full retail version of Kontakt 6.2.2 or later

Pricing and Availability:
On offer at $119 (Regular price: $149)

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