Free MS20 Filter Plugin from Arturia

US Stereo filter and distortion Xmas present      21/12/22

Arturia are generously giving away a FREE Filter MS-20 - a stereo filter and distortion effect modeled on the infamously abrasive Korg MS-20 synthesizer. Pump destructive crunch, roaring filter sweeps, and ultra-fat stereo depth into your mixes with an audio plugin that'll make anything sound massive. The plugin is available now until the 2nd of January. 

Here's their festive message: 

Happy holidays from Arturia! Here's a little something on us...

To get your creativity fired up this holiday season, enjoy Filter MS-20 - an enhanced emulation of a classic analog filter & distortion unit - completely free to download until January 2nd!

Here's to an inspiring 2023.


Very kind of them! Get the plugin here:


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