Behringer Increases Their Prophets

US PRO-800 analog 8-Voice poly synth is coming soon      08/12/22

 Behringer has posted a Youtube video introducing the PRO-800, which they describe as the worlds first analog 8-Voice poly synth that is affordable for everyone. There's nothing on their website as yet about this new synth based on the Prophet-600, but this is what the company has said so far...

Delivering 8 fully analog voices with 2 VCO's per voice, the PRO-800 faithfully delivers the amazing sound and experience of this historic synthesizer from 1982, all while introducing brand new features in a form factor that works within modern-day setups.
You need presets? We Hear You. PRO-800 delivers user memories for up to 400 sounds.
PRO-800 is also fitted with the iconic GliGli modification as standard, in addition to many of the new features that we have implemented including, the noise generator which was only ever found on the rare Japanese editions, full MIDI cc control, USB MIDI connectivity, dual polyphonic sequencer, dedicated LFO with 6 waveshapes, and VCA overdrive.

Pricing and Availability:
Estimated Price USD $599, Shipping April 2023.

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