Kinetic Granular Synthesizer By Bram Bos and Hainbach

US Fluss is available now      06/12/22

Hainbach has had an exceptional year of collaborative releases (we covered The Test Channel Strip with AudioTing in September), and he's back with a brand new Kinetic Granular Synthesizer made in collaboration with Bram Bos. What makes it unique is the kinetic interface which turns YOU the modulation - to process samples directly. It took 1 and a half years to create, but appears to be a fantastic granular playground for iOS devices. Here's some more info: 

Fluss is a sonic playground designed by Bram Bos and Berlin-based musician Hainbach to let you explore granular synthesis in a hands-on way. The playful touch UI invites anything from live performance, experimentation to learning and mastering the granular concept.

Multiple plugins: Import, Record or Live Process

You can import your own WAVs (standalone & AUv3 Instrument plugin), Record audio (Record effect plugin) or live-process sound (Process effect plugin) to create anything from drones and granular echoes to moving microtonal audio textures.

Designed for touch: Kinetic Sliders

All sliders and XY pads are linked to a physics model which lets you flick and throw them around. Minimise the friction for endless bouncing motion, as an innovative substitute for traditional LFOs and modulation. There was never a better reason for using a touchscreen for music.

Shimmer Feedback effect

Like a shimmer reverb, except it feeds the processed audio back into the grain engine. This lets you create an endless loop of pitch-shifting spaciousness, turning even the simplest of sounds into massive woolly mammoths.

- 3 Voice grain engine, each with an independent playhead

- Filter inspired by the Oberheim Xpander, including its resonant Phase filter

- Kinetic sliders and pads for playful interaction with the sound

- Universal design (iPhone and iPad; iPad Air 2 or higher recommended)

- Custom scales, unquantised mode and even Scala-import for microtonal experiments

- Use WAVs, record audio or load the app as a live-processing audio effect

- Real world tested as an instrument in numerous live performances by Hainbach


Fluss is available now in the Apple App Store:

More videos from the man himself:


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