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US Aperture Cassette Symphony is free to anyone spending $299 in their Black Weekend Sale      25/11/22

Spitfire Audio has announced the Black Weekend 2022 – running from Thursday 24th November to Wednesday 30th November 2022. They say that the new library, Aperture Cassette Symphony, is free to anyone who spends £249 / $299 / 299€ during the Black Weekend. It's then available to purchase for £199 / $249 / 249€ after the Black Weekend sale finishes.

Aperture Cassette Symphony is described as a one-of-a-kind library capturing strings, brass, woodwind, and percussion resampled through 200 custom-controlled cassette players. Spitfire Audio in-house composer Oliver Patrice Weder has this to say, "It's unlike anything you've ever heard or played, and, as the name suggests, it's a full-sized orchestra, but it's not played by real players, it's played by cassettes. We've done close-up recordings of real players onto cassettes, then we bought 200 [Sony] Walkmans and arranged them in Assumption Studios in Glasgow as you would arrange a real orchestra. We then hooked them up, controlled them via a custom-built controller, and recorded a D.I. signal as well as a signal which was sent back into the room via speakers. So this is where our concept of the 'Aperture' comes into play."

The Black Weekend will feature three Exclusive bundles with up to a 75% saving, exclusive to this sale, as well as other discounts including 40% on selected Libraries, including BBC Symphony Orchestra Core and Professional, Spitfire Symphonic Orchestra range, and Hans Zimmer Drums. 25% on Individual Libraries, including Albion One and Eric Whitacre Choir, and up to 25% on Libraries released in the last 12 months, such as Polaris and Mercury.

Throughout the Black Weekend, Spitfire Audio will be running a daily wheel spin on their website where customers logged into their account get one spin per day with lots of incredible prizes up for grabs, including libraries, gift cards, exclusive bundles and the Everything Collection.

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