KORG Releases Collection 4

US Synthesizer collection expanded with microKORG, ELECTRIBE-R and KAOSS PAD      24/11/22

KORG Releases Collection 4

Korg has added three instruments - microKORG, ELECTRIBE-R and KAOSS PAD - to its suite of software synthesizers. Here's the details direct from Korg...

KORG Collection 4 - The Synthesizer Collection for the ages with 3 unique instruments added. Limited time Sale!

The KORG Collection, a suite of software synthesizers that carefully recreates the authentic sound and behavior of some legendary Korg synthesizers for the present day and beyond.

In 2022, three unique instruments loved by creators around the world are now included: microKORG, ELECTRIBE-R and KAOSS PAD.

The KORG Collection is now a synthesizer suite of 11 synthesizers, 2 effects processors, and 1 drum machine in total, including the famous M1, TRITON, and more.

The KORG Collection 4 is truly a symbol of KORG's history.

KORG Collection 4 series release celebration sale

To celebrate the release of the KORG Collection 4 series, we are offering a launch sale with up to 50% off. This is your chance to save on the newly added microKORG, ELECTRIBE-R, KAOSS PAD, as well as bundles. The sale will last until November 30, 2022. Don't miss this opportunity. The sale period runs until November 30, 2022 (Wednesday).

microKORG: Korg's best-selling synthesizer
microKORG for Mac/Win fully recreates the sound, behavior, and look of the original "microKORG". It reproduces not only the analog modeling oscillator, filter, and amp sections, but also the effects section and arpeggiator. The vocoder function, which was one of the main features of the original "microKORG," has also been reproduced.

ELECTRIBE-R: The 1st gen "ELECTRIBE" has been revived
ELECTRIBE-R for Mac/Win is based on the "iELECTRIBE for iPad" released in 2010, but has expanded the beat modes and effects of the step sequencer to include the original "ELECTRIBE-R" and "ELECTRIBE-R mkII" as well as all the preset data from the "iELECTRIBE for iPad" and "ELECTRIBE for iPhone"

 KAOSS PAD: Create a new dynamic effects processor
The KAOSS PAD for Mac/Win is the first in the KAOSS series to open up its complex internal structure and enable the creation of original control systems, while maintaining the interface that puts ease of use as an effect plug-in, with "touch pad control" at the forefront of the interface. While inheriting the concept of the KAOSS PAD series, "KAOSS PAD for Mac/Win" can create new chaos with its deepest effects processing and its various controls!

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