Hard-Hitting Drum Library

US Soundiron releases Knockout Drums      02/11/22

Soundiron describes Knockout Drums as a hard-hitting drumkit sample library created in collaboration with metal drummer extraordinaire Navene Koperweis (Entheos, Animosity, Animals As Leaders) and seasoned mixing engineer/producer Zack Ohren (Machine Head, All Shall Perish, Aborted).

A spokesperson told us, "Whether you're looking for a gigantic live room feel or a super-focused and tight studio sound, this kit crushes it. From progressive & death metal to rock, pop, breakbeat and dance styles and everywhere in-between. This library has all the power tools and performance features you need to get a great-sounding drum mix right out-of-the-box, no matter what tonal style you're after."

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On offer at $79 (Regular price: $99)

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