SynthPlex 22: Shear Relic OB Inspired Poly Is Back!

US 8 Voices, monster UI      31/10/22

Some time back, we spoke to a young guy: Jacob Brashears (still in college) who was working on an Oberheim inspired analogue poly synth. At the time it was very inspiring and great to see some talent coming up. Then it went quiet. I mean a lot has happened since then right?
Jacob has finished school, now is working on bringing his vision to life. It's also acquired another couple of voices, so probably should be called the Relic 8 now..

Jacob has a pre-production prototype form and it's a lovely looking thing with a lot of really neat (and expensive looking) UI ideas.

Sadly we can't listen to it yet, as the semiconductor shortages have meant that they haven't been able to get it quite ready. The hardware is pretty much done, it's just now the software and auto calibration - which as we know is a non-trivial job in itself. 

It's clear that he has been living and breathing this instrument for years and has really immersed himself  in it's production. We really hope he can bring it to fruition in the planned timeframe which is going to be March 2023 for a limited production run. With more to come.
The website needs updating, but you can still email them if you are interested in this machine at relic at




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