1010Music Razzmatazz Groovebox In Your Hand

US portable beatbox / drum machine      11/10/22

1010music has announced razzmatazz, the latest in their nanobox line of micro synths that fit in the palm of your hand. This is what they have to say about it...

Just like lemondrop and fireball, razzmatazz is small yet mighty. With its effortless sequencing, slamming samples, and FM synth drum sounds it takes on opponents twice its size and gives them the raspberry.

You get an advanced voice architecture that puts a huge range of percussive sounds at your fingertips--from deep and gritty kick drums, to snappin' snares, and crispy hi-hats–this kit delivers! Sequence your beats in real time using 8 touchscreen pads or your favorite MIDI controller. Love the feel of your Akai MPC rubber pads? Hook it up! Dig your Novation Launchpad? MIDI that! All about Arturia KeyStep? Step it up and plug-it in. The possibilities are endless. But with razzmatazz, if you don't need that bulk you don't have to carry it around.

Craft up to 16 rhythms using an innovative visual sequencer that allows you to see all pad states and steps simultaneously. Design each drum sound by combining any variation of two FM oscillators and a WAV file--plus two filters, two envelopes, a resonator, a snap generator, and three additional effects. Get the grit and sweat of your own samples or the built-in sounds and the infinite boom and glitch of synthesized drum sounds. Enjoy massive synthesized and sampled drum sounds all in one drum machine that might even fit in your fanny pack.

Drum effects? Oh yeah. Lots! Design your own drum sounds with filters, resonators, bit-crushers, delay, reverb, and more! Four unique types of distortion help you create incredibly distinct and powerful drum sounds. SMASH that snare and own that tone.

Like all 1010music products, nanobox razzmatazz uses a touchscreen interface to let you quickly groove with a fast, fluid, intuitive workflow, and integrates seamlessly with controllers, other synths, drum machines, and audio devices.

Razzmatazz Features                   

  • Perform with 8 drum and percussion pads using MIDI pads or the intuitive touch screen
  • Make beats right out of the box using 120 preset kits and sequences
  • Explore a huge range of presets and sounds from world-class sound designers--including dub, techno, IDM, hip hop, classic rock, indie pop, soul, and more!
  • Tap or swipe to create rhythms using the Super Stepper visual sequencer, and see the state of all 8 pads across 16 steps simultaneously
  • Record long sequences up to 64 steps, with steps sizes from 1/64 to 8 bars
  • Adjust primary parameters for each drum model using macro controls
  • Design your own percussion sounds by combining FM synthesis and WAV drum samples
  • Sculpt and fine tune the sound of each drum pad using filters, envelopes, distortion, a resonator, snap transient generation, bit crushing, and rate crushing
  • Add depth and color to your drum sounds using delay, reverb, and a cabinet distortion    
  • Record via line input to craft new pad sounds and create samples up to 30 seconds long
  • Load your own WAV files via micro-SD
  • Integrate razzmatazz seamlessly with other synths, drum machines, and audio devices                
  • Quickly and easily map MIDI controls to macro parameters and mixer settings        
  • Make music anywhere thanks to a compact and nearly indestructible design
  • Flexible power options from USB C connector
  • Mini TRS connections for MIDI in and out, clock in, line in and line out
  • 2" touch screen, 2 knobs and 4 buttons in a 3.75" x 3" x 1.5" package

Pricing and Availability:
$399 USD

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