U-he MFM 2.5 Monster Delay Effects Released

US More Feedback Machine is insane      07/09/22

U-he have released MFM2.5 - which updates the already insanely feature rich plug-in with four delay lines and complex feedback matrix and takes it to an even higher plane. To think of it as just a delay is really underestimating what it can do. 

From delightful cross delays to MIDI controls Karplus Strong type playable instruments, its got a lot of potential. u-he call is their "over the top digital delay plug-in" and they are not wrong.

The UI has been redesigned to make it cleaner, plus there are several new features:

  • New input section with transient control and filter
  • "Granular": pitch shifter, syncable to song tempo
  • "Diffusor": from audio smear to complex reverbs
  • Full preset browser, preferences page, MIDI Learn pages

MFM is native M1, AU, VST3 and all that stuff. AAX is currently not compatible with MFM 2.5 due to some current incompatibilities. U-he recommend using MFM 2 for now.

Available now, priced at €99


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