Arturia Coldfire - Dual Distortion Reactor

US From subtle saturation to complete destruction      30/08/22

Arturia today announce a new distortion and saturation plug-in called Coldfire - it features 11 distortion types ranging from tube emulation to cold digital crush and many options in between. Its also possible to modulate and animate parameters for a more evolving sound with 6 modulation slots.

Designed to allow for deep customization and combinations of analog and digital algorithms with a twin process engine, including multi-band and many other dynamic processing- they are pretty fired up about it (sorry awful pun).
It comes with 150 presets to cover mix enhancement or destruction and chaos.

Be sure to check out some of the A/B examples at the bottom of the product page here:

Registered users can purchase Dist COLDFIRE at a one-off introductory price, with discounts up to 50% off. All users will also have access to discounts on a bundle comprising FX Collection 3 + Dist COLDFIRE. Users can login at to unlock their exclusive discounts, available until Thursday, September 15th

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