Analog Chorus 60 Available To Order Again

US MOE initiates another run of their stompbox clone of the Juno 60 Chorus      04/08/22

MOE has announced what they say is the 4th colourful run of the Analog Chorus 60. They tell us that only 35 units will be made:

  • 20 x black
  • 5x pink
  • 5 x gray
  • 5x Yellow


This is what they have to say about it...

Our Analog Chorus 60 perfectly recreates the distinctive, thick and lush spatial effect that up until now was locked inside a few Japanese synths from the previous century. Like many who have heard the original, we wondered how

would this gorgeous effect sound on other instruments, Once we heard the results it was clear. So we began our mission to separate this particular chorus section and have it breathe on its own.

We've painstakingly matched the schematics to a modern more stable and silent power supply, sourced and tested rare components used on the original and understood what makes this circuit design stand out.

On top of that, we've extended its functionality beyond the original and given it dedicated pots for width control, rate, depth, and external modulation input. To top it off, we've given our unit a gain input stage that works great with any type of instrument.

Pricing and Availability:

Pre-order now. The estimated price in USD is $545 including shipping.

More information:



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