Soundplant v.50.5 Released For Mac & Windows

GB Update for the QWERTY soundboard app that turns your keyboard into a playable instrument      02/08/22

Independent developer Marcel Blum has released Soundplant 50.5 for Windows and Mac. He says that it's a major update to the venerable sound triggering software entering its 23rd year. Here's the details that he has supplied...

 V.50.5 brings native Apple Silicon support for blazing performance on the latest M1/M2 Macs, randomizable realtime effects for expanded sound design possibilities, and flexible input recording for capturing from microphone (or any other source) while continuing to play sounds and mix live input with Soundplant's output.

Soundplant is an ultra low latency standalone software sampler allowing the instant playback of any format sound files from standard computer keyboard keys or MIDI, having become a beloved secret weapon of sound designers, DJs, podcasters, producers, gamers, and streamers. It can mix tons of sounds at once, queue playlists, trigger in the background with global hotkeys while using other apps, record its own output or any input (or both at the same time), and more, all with award-winning drag and drop ease and rock solid stability for live use. Just drop some sound files onto onscreen keys and start jamming!

BBC engineer Alistair McGhee calls Soundplant "a subtle & sophisticated sample player with a multitude & flexibility of playback options; it works so beautifully in what it does it just demands a place in the audio toolbox."

Soundplant has been rewritten from scratch for its v.50 generation, optimized for modern systems while maintaining its budget-friendly price, building on feedback from users in the theater, film, and music industries and feature sponsorship support from Nike, Inc., rock band Man Or Astro-Man?, and sound engineers and artists worldwide.

Pricing and Availability:

Soundplant is offered as a free download with a 25-launch trial of the paid features. In unregistered mode it is free for non-commercial use. The registered version (USD $60) includes professional features like output device selection, expanded sound file format support, sample rates up to 384 kHz, recording, MIDI, and 'background key input' for global hotkey triggering. Soundplant runs on minimum Windows 7 64-bit or macOS 10.11.


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