Sonic LAB: Roland JP-4 Plug-in Sounds Only

US With Jim Heywood      20/07/22

Roland recently released their plug-in, plug-out (System 8) version of the classic Jupiter 4 synthesizer. Its available via the and offers an ACB (Analog Circuit Behaviour) modeled version as opposed to the less resource hungry ABM (Analog Behavior Modeling) implemented in the new Roland Boutiques (JX-08, JD-08). Yeah it is a little confusing, but much of this is down to how detailed the model is and there fore how many DSP ressources it uses. The System 8 has a decent DSP chip count and is able to run additional Plug-out engines  including the Jupiter-4.

Jim Heywood, our resident sounds only guy, has a System-8 and took the Jupiter-4 for a spin - though in this video he was using the System-8 to control the plug-in version - so we could see the full UI.

In his hands it does sound fairly delicious, and indeed you can grab the bank of presets he made via our Patreon.

Roland Jupiter-4 plug-in/plug-out is available now via Roland Cloud, either as a single one off (whopping!) perpetual license $199, or as part of the Roland Cloud Pro plan ($9.99/month) where it can be one of the two optional instruments, or as part of the Ultimate plan ($19.99/month) where you get everything they have.


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