Sonic LAB: Moog Mavis - Desktop Semi With Wavefolder

US Self assembly too      15/07/22

A new instrument from Moog is always a bit of an event and the most Youtubers hit the deadline - but not us :-)
Mavis is a single oscillator subtractive Moog voice with a the classic 24dB ladder filter and a semi modular layout. (patchbay on the left).
They said it is a DIY kit, but its more of a self-assembly - in that its a piece of cake to put together. its also possible to mount it in Eurorack but you'll need to find a 10 pin header cables. (not supplied)

The addition of a wave folder takes this into somewhat new territory for Moog and provides some more East Coast style complex waveforms. You also get to use the LFO as a 2nd VCO if you wish, though it doesn't track over the same range as the VCO its still handy.

Patch bay adds plenty of stuff to tinker with as well as a S&H circuit, two channel mixer, attenuator and mult. Priced at 329UK

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