Buchla Eurorack 200 Series News

US Tiptop Audio gives us an update      07/07/22

Buchla Eurorack 200 Series News

Tiptop Audio has sent us this bulletin about their Buchla project...

We have been busy searching the planet for components and parts and have some updates on the release schedule for the Buchla project.

We plan to start shipping the 245t Sequencer and 257t Voltage Processor around the end of August or early September. There can always be surprises along the way that might add some delays but August/September looks realistic. Almost all Eurorack shops we work with have some of these on order with us and we hope this batch will cover the demand. We will inform the shops of the final price and when they can open up for Pre-Orders as soon as we have enough of these modules tested and ready to go.

The new batch of Model 281t Quad Function Generator should also be ready around mid September. Some of you have waited a long time for these and hopefully soon you will finally get it.

A new batch of 258t has also been initiated and looks like these will be ready in the Fall. Some of you still have these on order, and we are doing everything possible to get the parts needed as soon as possible to run the next batch.

The all mighty Model 266t has also finished beta testing and is now heading into production for release sometime in the Fall.

The Buchla & Tiptop Audio module page had been updated with dates and status of all modules listed.

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