New Orchestral Tools Sample Library

US Berlin Con Sordino Strings features the sound of large ensembles playing with mutes      26/05/22

Orchestral Tools have announced Berlin Con Sordino Strings, the latest in their Berlin series sample libraries. The announcement comes as part of a larger initiative from the sample library designers focused on their string offerings, which also includes a new bundle that compiles all the Berlin Strings collections, important content updates to Berlin Symphonic Strings, and the availability of Berlin Strings SFX on SINE. In addition to these, Orchestral Tools has also unveiled a major upgrade to SINEplayer that they say ensures a smoother, more responsive user experience than ever before.

Pricing and Availability:

Berlin Con Sordino Strings has a special intro price of €349 (regular price €499). It is also included as part of the Berlin Strings bundle.

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